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About The Selene hotel

Selene Pensione is built on an ancient cliffside above the Aegean Sea in the picturesque village of Armenistis on the rare Blue Zone island of Ikaria. It was the very first place on the island to offer rooms to travelers and still has accents of authentic Icarian old world charm. Selene is located just a few minutes walk to two of the island's most unspoiled, beautiful white sand beaches -- Livadi and Messakti.

The accommodations at Selene are perfect for couples, single travelers or groups of friends. Each of the 10 white-washed rooms feature full-size beds, private ensuite bathrooms, refrigerators, desks, air conditioning, and televisions. But the real attractions are the sun terrace and balcony overlooking the endless blue sea. Selene Pensione is named after the Greek Goddess of the Moon, a nod to the spectacular moonrises over the island that can be seen from the terrace of the hotel.

Just steps from Selene Pensione you'll find local gems -- tavernas serving fresh seafood caught that day by local fisherman, and at night, lively small bars and cafes where locals and visitors meet and talk late into the night.

The local town of Armenestis, albeit small and charming, has everything a guest could need... grocery stores, restaurants, bakeries, cafes, beach bars, pharmacy and medical clinic nearby, souvenir shops, ceramic studio, car and motorbike rentals, surf school, cooking classes, yoga studio, nature hiking trails, proximity to archeological sites and much more.

Throughout the summer, the surrounding villages host the spectacular centuries-old "Panigiri" festivals for which the island has become famous. Celebrating religious Saints' Days, a Panigiri offers good music, plenty of food and homemade local wine and traditional folk singing and dancing well into the morning hours. All are welcome and is a must-not-miss activity when visiting Ikaria.

English and Greek spoken.